Tin Mustard - Dry Mustard Blend - 4 Tins

Tin Mustard - Dry Mustard Blend - 4 Tins

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Our dry mustard blend combines the traditional mustard powder with cracked yellow and brown mustard seeds and a unique spice blend of additional spices that includes turmeric and coriander and sea salt from California. Packed in a beautiful 4oz tin container.

We believe that our dry mustard spice blend will be the spice mix of the 21st century, the analog addition to your modern digital kitchen that will brighten up your food.

We have tried it on everything from chicken wings, stews, cheese straws, fried chicken and even veggie dishes, like eggplant salad and we can say it's definitely a winner!

Need help making your turkey stand out during Thanksgiving? Get a tin of our dry mustard blend and use it in the rub or marinade for your turkey and the guests will thank YOU!

Did we mention turmeric?

Try out with the following recipe:

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